Saturday, August 16, 2008

Teenage Angel

now with Kriket, North Wales: Gallery 4 Oriel
Kriket: i know we both love this colour......(blog page); good luck with the gallery - sounds perfect

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krik said...

Hi Gillian, I must get one of these bloggy things going as well for both my work and the Gallery in North Wales, which by the way is called Gallery 4 Oriel and is upstairs in an old converted Chapel, with fab big Chapel windows that allow the light in and the cry of the gulls. It is filling quickly with lush jewellery by Local, regional and British designers and great original Art by Local Artists. Your work - as ever gets great response and your cards are going well - peeps - 'specially Mum's love them. Teenage stripey tights angel receives lotsa squels of delight from young girls and women alike. Quite appropriate that she be hanging around in an old Chapel! Good luck with your work online!!Cheers Kriket