Saturday, August 16, 2008

40th picture

Thanks again to everyone who did my picture for my 40th: Julie, Esme, Vaila, Frankie, Ellis, Vic, Ruth, Emski, Claire and Kirsty.
Charlotte-since you couldn't be bothered turning up I am not coming to HK on Oct 4 (joke!! yes I am...)- but I may bring you a small panel and some paints so you can make it up to me- there is at least one ropey panel. no not really;-)

Emma: Scarlet's favourite is yours; and it's my fav. too. Julie: loads of people like your fish; r u doing that art therapy course?. Kirsty: thanks for guesting as famous artist ..... no one was inhibited, honest!! Were you impressed by the way I turned that green blob around to pull out a passable golden horsey one!!! :) Claire: yours is so great- like a textile. Sorry Vaila for hanging yours the wrong way round- I forgot the landscape/portrait instruction: heck; I'm not an art teacher.
In Singapore now.


LottieP said...

OK OK whatever you want, as long as you come for mine...

Carousel Monkey said...


well; that about sums you up!

but i like your eye and your adamant desire to resist any colour other than black (that's linked to the black thing isn't it?); and your openly declared love of Phil Collins

LottieP said...

Come now.


I saw off his Greatest Hits CD with one rev of the engine, remember...